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Flare, Surface, Trip KM49A1

NSN : 1370-00-752-8060
Model : KM49A1/KL495
Diameter : Ø 78.7 × 123.2mm
Weight : 0.4037 kg
Method of actuation : Trip Wire
Primer : Percussion M42
Materials : Metal (steel)
Color : Olive drab
Filler charge : Illuminant composition
Performance : Burning time - min. 55 sec
Candle power - min. 35,000
Packing : 32 per wooden box
Weight : 21.1 Kg
Cube : 0.053㎥
Dimensions : 416.0×397.0×319.0mm
When the trip flare KM49A1 is actuated by the force of pulling attached a trip wire to either the trigger or pull pin, the primer is ignited the illuminant charge, and then the trip flare will provide a light intensity exceeding 35,000 candlepower for approximately one minute.
To give warning of infiltrating troops by illuminating the field of the advancing enemy.