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Signal Kit, Personnel Distress K912

NSN: 1375-37-512-8036
Model: K911, K912, K913, K914, K915, K917
SIZE: Ø13.0 ×L59.5mm
Weight: 330 g
Cartridge for use: Red Ground Illumination Signals K913, White Ground Illumination Signals K914, Green Ground Illumination Signals K915
Method of actuation: From projector
Filler charge: Illuminant compositions
Performance: Burning Time: More than 7 sec.
Candle power- Red: 26,000 White: 16,000 Green: 20,000
Altitude: 189.2m
Packing: 3(Red, White, Green) Signals per each kit, 1 projector, 1 carrying bag for each kit /
100 kits per wooden box,
Cube : 0.082㎥(K911, K912)/ 0.037㎥(K913, K914, K915)
Dimensions : 908.0×362.0×279.0mm (K911, K912)/
593.0×478.0×394.0mm (K913, K914, K915)
After the illumination signal is connected to the hand-held projector and firing is accomplished by raising the projector overhead. The firing pin strikes a primer in the signal. The primer ignites the ignition charge, propellant charge, delay charge and illuminant charge then burning flare is created at a height of approximately 300M.
The signal kit K912 is used for signal, illuminant since tactical training and a distress signaling. It is composed of manual color signal.