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Simulator Km21 For Firing Tank Practice

NSN : 1370-01-034-1397
Model(DODIC) : KM21/KL602
Size : Ø48.4×147.0mm
Firearms of use : Firing device K784
Weight : 0.1636 kg
Method of actuation : Source of electricity with DC18∼28 Volts
Color : Blue
Filler charge : Bursting-smoke compositions
Performance : Report 140±10dB (10M)
Packing : Packing : 108 per wooden box
Weight : 31.7 kg
Cube : 0.09㎥
Dimensions : 590.0×470.0×380.0(mm)
After loaded with the simulator KM21 to the fire tube of the firing device K784 and being fired the simulator by pulling the trigger of the tank firing system as it was electrified 18-28 volts current. At this time, the simulator KM21 is emitted bursting-sound and smoke.
This simulator KM21 provide realistic firing and effects during tactical training in tank units.