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Signal, Illumination, Parachute, White Star KM127A1

NSN : KM126A1 1330-37-507-2286
KM127A1 1330-37-507-2292
KM195 1330-37-507-2315
Diameter : Ø 42.4mm ×258.0 mm
Weight : 0.4kg per each signal
Method of actuation: Hand-held rocket launching mechanism.
Primer: Percussion N0. 70.
Meterial: Aluminum.
Color : Silver, White label W/Black markings
Filer charge: Illuminant compositions
Performance : Delay-time - 5 sec
Burning time : KM126A1 min. 50 sec
KM127A1 min. 25 sec
KM195 min. 50 sec
Candle power : KM126A1 min. 10,000 sec
KM127A1 min. 125,000 sec
KM195 min. 5,000 sec
Packing : 36 per wooden Box
Weight : 25.0 kg
Cube : 0.0435㎥
Dimensions : 377.8×339.7×335.0mm
These signals are ignited to the illuminant compositions unfolding a parachute suspended illuminant assembly, allowing the signals to reach and altitude of 700 to 750 ft with being fired by hand-held rocket launching mechanism on the ground.
These signals are used for an actual training of the platoon or the company in the nighttim.