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Signal, Illumination, Ground Cluster, Red Star KM158Ka1Kb1

NSN : KM158…1370-37-507-2282
Diameter : Ø 42.4 × 258mm
Weight : 0.6kg per each
Method of actuation : Hand held rocket launching mechanism
Primer : Percussion NO. 70
Materials : Aluminum
Color : Silver, white label w/black markings
Filler charge : Illuminant compositions
Performance : Delay time - 5 sec
Burning time - Over 6.5 sec
Candle power - KM158 min. 30,000
KM159 min. 30,000
KM125A1 min. 9,000
Packing : 36 per wooden box
Weight : 25.0Kg
Cube : 0.043㎥
Dimensions : 377.8×339.7×335.0 mm
The signals are ignited to the 5-star illuminant compositions in the 700 to 750 ft air with being fired by hand held rocket launching mechanism on the ground.
The star cluster signals have an effect on the signalling in such a tactical training as attack and defense of the platoon or the company.