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Simulator Projectile Air Burst Flash And Sound KM74A1

NSN : 1370-37-503-2679
Model : KM74A1/KL366
Size : Ø40.0×99.0 mm
Weight : 0.175 kg
Primer : Percussion M39A1
Color : Silver
Filler charge : Bursting-smoke compositions
Performance : Delay 1.5∼3.0 sec
Bursting soundt 110dB (at 15m distance)
Flash Min. 65,000 cp
Packing : 180 per wooden box
Weight : 44.3 kg
Cube : 0.081㎥
Dimensions : 235.0 ×98.0 ×105.0 mm
This simulator are fired from firing device LT788 with aimed at a 45 degree elevation. The igniting charge ignites the delay fuse, and the fuse, in turn, ignites the blasting-smoke charge which explodes producing a flash and a bursting sound.
The activator simulator KM74A1 is used to create battle noises and effects on flight of shells and ground explosions during troop maneuvers and tactical training of combatant.