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Mine, Antitank, Practice TMD-B + Smoke Agent KM768 + Fuze, Practice MV…

NSN : 1345-37-294-5023
Model : TMD-B/KK16
Size : 315×138mm
Weight : 3.85 kg
Color : Blue
Fuze : Practicing MV-5 & pull type firing device practice VPG
Smoke charge : KM768 smoke charge
Report : 90dB minimum at 5 meters
Packing : 4 per wooden box Weight - 29 kg Cube - 0.062㎥ Dimensions - 484×350×367mm
The TMD-B is loaded with the smoke charge KM768 to the lower of the body. Either a fuze MV-5 for practicing or a pull type firing device connected upper and lower of the body and then it is operated by an observer or by a trip wires. The fuze is ignited the smoke charge and the mine is emitted yellowish or white smoke.
The TMD-B mine is used to North Korea army and is designed for training personnel proper method
to be observed in the care installing on the place go through a anticipative passage tank of the
enemy, this mine is used for the laying and removing training of the actual antitank mine.