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Mine Antiinfantry Practice PMD-57 + Fuze, Practice MUV-2

NSN : 1345-37-294-5022
Model(DODIC) : PMD-57/KK15
Size : 219.0×81.0mm
Weight : 0.744Kg
Color : Blue
Fuze : Practicing MUV-2
Smoke charge : KM765 smoke charge
Report : 100-150dB minimum at 5 meters
Packing : 25 per wooden box
Weight : 20.0Kg
Cube : 0.039㎥
Dimensions : 506.0×264.0×287.0(mm)
After the PMD-57 is loaded with the smoke charge KM765
in the smoke charge case and connected primer in fuze
MUV-2 for practicing, the PMD-57 assembly is ignited
the smoke charge under vertical loading ofthe pressure
ring of from side load effects on the tilt rod. At this time,
bursting-sound and white smoke is accured.
The PMD-57 mine is used to North Korea army and is designed for training personnel proper method
to be observed in the care during laying, removing or handling in the same method as the actual
anti-infantry mine.
Smoke charge KM765(KK24)
Fuze, Practice MUV-2(KK20)
*Bursting-Sound 100~150dB(at 5M distance)