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Mine, Anti-Tank, Practice, KM15 + Smoke Agent KM762

NSN : 1345-37-294-5019
Model : KM15/KK12
Size : Ø334×124×124mm
Weight : 7.0 kg
Color : Blue
Packing : 3 per wooden box
Weight : 30.5 kg
Cube : 0.069㎥
Dimensions : 405.0×342.0×342.0 mm
Emission time of smoke min. 5 sec

OPTION : Smoke charge KM762 (KK13)
This mine uses the mechanical pressure type fuze.
After connected the smoke charge to the body, the fuze of the mine is ignited the smoke charge by a actuation the pressure plate is forced downward or by a pulling of the booby trap.
This initiates the smoke charge in the bottom of the fuze.
When installing on the place go through a anticipative passage tank of the enemy, this mine is used for the laying and removing training and a movement delay or a destruction of the tank or wheeled vehicles by the pressure plate is forced downward.