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Mine, Anti-Personnel, Practice KM16 + Smoke Agent KM760 + Fuze KM605

NSN : 1345-37-294-5000/KK03
Model : KM16/KK03
Size : Ø101.5 ×135.0mm
Weight : 2.32 kg
Color : Blue
Packing : 8 per wooden box Weight - 23.5 kg Cube - 0.028㎥ Dimensions - 508×374×226mm
After the KM16 mine is connected the smoke charge to the fuze KM605, the mine is ignited the smoke charge under vertical loading in the top of the fuze or by a pulling of the pull ring attached trip wire.
The KM16 mine is used for the effective laying and removing training of the actual antipersonnel mine M16.