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이전 zoom 다음 Mine, Claymore, Practice KM18A1 + Smoke Agent KM753

Body of mine, Claymore, Practice : 1.2 Kg / 215.0×130.0 mm
Smoke agen : 2.2±0.2 g / Ø 17.9×15.0 mm
Electric blasting cap, Practice : 12.2 g / Ø 6.5×60.0 mm
After insertion the smoke agent KM753 to the mine body KM18A1, and be used with the electric blasting cap, practice KM752. When
be fired with firing device, electrical, KM57 appear the smoke and sound.
Mine, claymore, practice KM18A1 is used for a training of minefield laying and removing as actual KM18A1.