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Mine, Anti-Personnel, Nonmetallic, Practice, KM14 + Smoke Agent KM761

NSN : 1345-37-294-5017
Model : KM14/KK10
Size : Ø 55.6 × 42mm
Weight : 0.05 kg
Color : Blue
Packing : 200 per wooden box
Weight : 26.6 kg
Cube : 0.06㎥
Dimensions : 485.0×347.0×243.0 mm
Smoke change KM761(KK11)
With mine set on "A" and safety clip removed by pulling a force applied to the pressure plate will depress the belleville spring. At this time, the mine is ignited the smoke charge by driving the firing pin.
The Mine, anti-personnel, nonmetiallic,practice, KM14 is used for the laying and removing training of the actual antipersonnel mine M14