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Mine, Anti-Tank, Practice, KM19 + Smoke Agent KM757

NSN : 1345-37-294-5005
Model : KM19/KK01
Size : 332×332×85mm
Weight : 9.3 kg
Color : Blue
Packing : 3 per wooden box
Weight : 48.3 kg
Cube : 0.06㎥
Dimensions : 413.0×354.0×406.0mm
This mine uses the mechanical pressure type fuze.
After connected the smoke charge to the body, the fuze of the mine is ignited the smoke charge by a actuation the pressure plate is forced downward or by a pulling of the booby trap. This initiates the smoke charge in the bottom of the fuze.
When installing on the place go through a anticipative passage tank of the enemy, this mine is used
for the laying and removing training and a movement delay or a destruction of the tank or wheeled
vehicles by the pressure plate is forced downward.