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Hand-Grenade, Practice, K410, With Fuze K411 + Body K412

NSN : 1330-37-501-5412
Model (DODIC) : K410/KG11
Weight : 0.391Kg
Size : 87.5mm
Primer : Percussion M35
Color : Olive drab
Performance : Delay 4∼5 sec
Report :Over 100dB (1M)
Packing : 60 per wooden box
Weight : 28.0 kg
Cube : 0.042㎥
Dimensions : 403.0×304.0×346.0(mm)
After connected the K411 fuze to the body, the hand grenade is thrown in the same manner as a actual grenade and creates bursting-sound and smoke after a 4 to 5 second delay.
This practice hand-grenade is used for a tactical training with the method such like a use of the real hand-grenade.